What Is the average price for the most common plumbing problems in Malaysia? | 7 group of Company

Can’t seem to repair your pipe leaks? Need plumbing services around your area? Find reliable plumbers and get average price estimates here.


Every job is different, but you’ll find the average prices for plumbing services listed below:

Water leaks Repair Cost: RM50 – RM400

Water heater installation/repair cost: RM50 – RM200

Clogged toilets/sinks cost: RM50 – RM500

Clogged drains cost: RM60 – RM500

Low water pressure: RM100 – RM500

Roof leaks price: RM70 and above

* Note: The prices do not involve complex drilling or digging into walls and floors, which involves plumbing pipes in walls and underground drainage. Based on the nature of the job, prices vary.