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Discover the hidden leaks in your pipes with our cutting-edge underground leak detection services. Our team of experts utilizes advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to accurately locate and repair leaks, saving you time, money, and water. Don’t let unnoticed leaks wreak havoc on your property – trust us to find them and fix them before they become major headaches. Contact us today for a thorough and efficient leak detection solution that will give you peace of mind.
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How can Seven Engineering Company help in detecting concealed or underground water pipe leaks? 
Are you experiencing water-related issues and suspect an underground leak in your water pipes? Don’t let concealed leaks cause further damage to your property. We’ve got you covered with effective water pipe leak detection methods and equipment to help you identify and repair the issue promptly.


1. Visual Inspection: Begin by conducting a thorough visual inspection of your property for any visible signs of water pipe leaks. Look out for wet spots, puddles, or unusually green patches in your lawn, as they may indicate a leak underground.

2. Acoustic Leak Detection: Utilize advanced water leak detection equipment, including acoustic devices, to listen for sounds generated by leaks, such as hissing or dripping noises. This technique helps pinpoint the leak’s exact location. 

3. Dye Testing: Inject non-toxic colored dye into your water supply system to trace the flow of water. If the dye surfaces in a particular area, it may lead you to the location of the underground leak. 

4. Thermal Imaging: Leaking water can cause temperature variations in the ground. Use infrared cameras to detect these temperature differences, which can provide clues to the presence of a leak. 

5. Pressure Testing: Temporarily shut off the water supply and conduct pressure tests to monitor any pressure drops. Significant pressure changes can be indicative of a concealed leak. 

6. Pipe Inspection Cameras: Utilize specialized cameras designed for pipe inspection to visually examine the interior of your water pipes for cracks, holes, or other damages causing the leak.

Contact Seven Engineering Company for Reliable Leak Detection:
If you suspect a concealed or underground water pipe leak in your property, don’t hesitate to contact Seven Engineering Company. Our dedicated team is ready to provide top-notch leak detection services using cutting-edge equipment and methods. Protect your property, conserve water, and trust the experts for all your water leak detection needs.

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