Do you have a condensation problem with your air conditioning trunking? Check out the three primary causes of condensation and how to solve them.

What Causes Condensation in Air Conditioning Trunking and How Can It Be Avoided?

What Is air-con Condensation?

Condensation is that the process through which vapour transforms from a gas to a liquid. this happens when humid air comes into touch with anything cold, like an AC unit’s vent or ductwork. When this happens, condensed droplets develop inside your home near the vents and stream down into your flooring as you are attempting to cool down down on these hot days!

Condensation in air con Trunking

What exactly is air-con trunking? The casing protects the copper conduits, PVC pipes, electrical wires, and other cooling components. the first function of the aircon trunking is to shield the cooling from the weather. It also aids within the protection of your walls and property.

As a result, aircon trunking extends the life of your air conditioner and minimises maintenance expenses, saving you money in the long term.

Condensation in the air conditioning trunking is usual. Condensation occurs when water droplets collect inside the trunking. Condensation, on the other hand, might indicate that something is amiss with your air conditioner. That is why you should understand how to prevent condensation.

What Is the Source of Condensation in Your Air Conditioning Trunking?

Poor insulation, a poorly fitted trunk, or trap floor obstructions are the most common causes of condensation in air conditioning trunking. If you notice water flowing from your air conditioning system, you should act quickly. Don’t put it off until it’s too late. Because water pouring can do major harm to your unit and your property.

The following are the most common reasons of moisture in your air conditioning trunking:

Insulation is inadequate

Condensation can occur in aircon trucking because to inadequate insulation. As a result, examine the thickness of your unit’s insulation since condensation will develop if the insulation is insufficiently thick. This, however, does not imply that there is a problem with your air conditioner. 

That is why, before installing an air conditioning system, you should inspect the insulation. If you want to know the proper thickness of insulation, you should consult with your organisation. A professional business will utilise the greatest insulating materials, so you won’t have to worry about condensation for a long time.

Trunk Improperly Installed

Condensation within the aircon trunking might occur as a results of incorrect installation, particularly if your aircon joints don’t fit properly. Because some specialists is also in an exceedingly hurry to put in your air-con system, they’ll overlook checking to work out if these joints fit correctly. that’s why you must have your air con system installed by a trained technician. If you’re not qualified, don’t install it. 

When the cooling cools and heats the air, water droplets develop. As a result, water droplets will seep through these seams, causing condensation. As a result, verify that the installation is finished correctly which the aircon joints fit properly.

Floor Blocked Traps

Moisture buildup within the unit might cause the trap floor to urge clogged. The trap floor removes water that has accumulated because of moisture buildup. As a result, if the trap floor is clogged, water droplets will accumulate within. this means that the moisture isn’t being drained by the trap floor. it’s strongly advised that you simply respond quickly.

If there’s water pouring, trap floor obstructions can cause major damage to the floors and walls. However, unblocking the drip pipes is difficult, especially if you’re doing it alone. you must contact a specialist as soon as possible to unclog the trap floor. Blockages within the trap floor might shorten the lifetime of your air conditioning.

These are the foremost common sources of condensation in air-con trunking. Condensation not only shortens the lifetime of your device. it’d also cause structural harm to your home. Dripping water will cause harm to your flooring and walls. that’s why you want to pander to this matter as soon as possible.

How Can You Prevent Condensation in Your Air Conditioning Trunking?

Condensation in the air conditioner trunking is one of the signs that your air conditioning system isn’t working properly. Some individuals, however, attempt to repair their air conditioners. They end up doing more harm to their unit. Hiring an aircon specialist to repair your air conditioner is significantly less expensive and safer. 

Here’s how to prevent moisture in your air conditioning trunking:

Examine Your Installation

Examine your air conditioner’s drip pipes. Sometimes the air conditioning technician will fail to correctly connect the drip pipes. This can also happen if you installed a low-cost device and hired an unskilled technician to install it. If you want to stop the condensation, you should install a high-quality air conditioner.

Before choosing an air conditioning technician, inquire about their warranty. Some specialists will provide a warranty as well as guarantees. As a result, if they fail to correctly install the drip pipes, they will come back to reinstall them at no cost to you. However, be certain that the drip pipes are correctly fitted.

Clear The Trap Floor

As previously stated, moisture buildup can cause the trap floor to get clogged. The trap floor’s primary function is to drain moisture in the form of water droplets. However, because unblocking the trap floor is tough, contact an expert to assist you.

Install the correct cooling

Installing the proper cooling reduces the condensation within the aircon trunking. Therefore, check the thickness of the insulation before choosing an air conditioning. it’s easy to understand the thickness of the insulation of those air conditioners. you simply call the manufacturer and ask about the thickness of their insulation. 

Do not buy an inexpensive air conditioning. Why? Firstly, they are doing not last for an extended time. Secondly, they’re very expensive to take care of. Thirdly, they’ll increase your electricity bills. Therefore, select an air conditioning from a reputable company. 

It is easy to forestall condensation in your aircon trunking. Therefore, select an experienced and reputable air conditioning service to put in the correct air conditioning. Hire an aircon technician to unblock your trap floor or stop any water leakage. don’t try and fix your unit because you’ll be able to damage it.